My git workflow

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This is my main workflow when using git.

(master)$ git pull
(master)$ git checkout -b my-feature
# make changes
(my-feature)$ git add [changed files]
(my-feature)$ git commit
# repeat the above as needed
(my-feature)$ git fetch origin
(my-feature)$ git rebase origin/master  # try --interactive some time, it's fun
(my-feature)$ git push [origin|upstream|fork] my-feature
# open a PR, repeat add/commit/fetch/rebase/push as needed
(my-feature)$ git checkout master
(master)$ git pull
# and we begin again

I've regularly been seeing help threads from people who somehow wind up hundreds of commits "ahead" of master. I don't know how you get git into such a mess, but hopefully the workflow above helps more people avoid it.